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I can't believe John and Sherlock didn't dress up in the slightest (source)

I can’t believe John and Sherlock didn’t dress up in the slightest (source)

The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes Part 4 Review

The Naval Treaty

In this Holmes story, there is a great blend of mystery and partnership between Holmes and Watson. Our client at hand has had a valuable, secret, international treaty stolen from him and is desperate to get it back before the news is made public. All the while, the treaty is hidden in plain sight. Holmes and Watson mange to get the treaty back, but not without giving the client a good freight first.

The Final Problem

The Final Problem is undoubtably one of the most well known Sherlock Holmes stories and for good reason. In this tale, it the first time after 2 novels and 22 stories that the name Moriarty, synomonous as being the ultimate enemy to Holmes, is mentioned. The story begins by Watson giving an account how he and Holmes seemed to be spending less and less time together since the time of his marriage when Holmes comes in one night, shaken and injured. Recounting the evil force that is Moriarty, the pair decide to skip town for a few days while Holmes’ plans culminate. The duo make their way to continental Europe but discover that Moriarty along with a few of his vicious gang have escaped the grasp of the police. The men make their way further along to Switzerland and visit the Reichenbach Falls on their journey. Unfortunately, Moriarty tricks Watson into leaving the side of Holmes so that the two can have their final showdown. Upon realizing his mistake and returning to the falls, Watson finds evidence enough that both men fought and fell over the falls, into the watery abyss below where they would forever remain. In a final letter to Watson, Holmes reiterates to him to give certain information to the police to stop the rest of Moriarty’s gang and that his actions will unfortunately not please his dear Watson. Thus, Watson ends his recounts of his time with Sherlock Holmes and that he was the “best and wiser man whom I have ever known.”

This is an interesting story for several reasons. First, it has the big baddie whom modern generations have been waiting to appear in the original stories. Second, the mystery is not of a client, but of a game of cat and mouse, our pair acting the part of both feline and rodent. The interactions with Moriarty are different than that of any other criminal seen thus far and are indicative of that strangely hypnotic yet deeply dark Moriarty we see on film. Most of all, it cuts out the necessity of learning the new client, the new mystery, the new plot. It’s all about the characters we’ve found a stake in and the threat seems more real when it’s their lives in the balance. Overall, a sweetly dark, melancholy tale that is more emotional and warm than was thought possible for a menacing story such as this one.

The Office (UK): Episode Five

the office Episode Five spoilers within. Episodes are approximately 30 minutes in length.

This episode of the office deals with some of the events of the past episode. Dawn and Tim forget about what happened and she buys that he meant going out together as friends, not a date. Tim will continue to work he says until he goes back to University, possibly to study psychology. Despite the need for layoffs, David hires a new female assistant (sorry guy who showed up, you were never getting the job), whom he accidentally injures. Many of the employees end up going to Chasers, the only real night club in Slough, that night and it’s once again cringe worthy in the best and worst ways.


While this episode is hard to follow up last episode’s success, it’s pretty decent. The scene between monotone Keith and Tim is great as are the awkward events at Chasers. Things are out in the open now about Tim’s feelings but Dawn doesn’t quite catch on, whether that’s a conscious decision or not, we can’t be sure right now. All we know, next episode we’ll find out if our beloved little group will be saved from redundancies or if Swindon branch will beat them out.

My Episode Winner: Keith

7/10 Break Room Conversations


Gif/Pic of the Week #38 His Last Vow X (October 29, 2014)

This week we revisit one of the most emotionally charged episodes of the entire show. That doesn’t mean there aren’t some hilarious moments. Enjoy.

hlvx hospital 1

hlvx hospital 2

hlvx hospital 3

hlvx hospital 4

They both knew they were using each other and are still so nonchalant about it. (source)

 Sherlock reverting to toddler status.

hlvx xmas 1


hlvx xmas 2

hlvx xmas 3

hlvx xmas 4

Christmas to John: A holiday filled with good emotions. Christmas to Sherlock: A good emotion that just so happens to land on a holiday. Still BFF’s. (source)

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