News for the Week of October 20, 2014

Series 4 Update

A Christmas special will film in January 2015 and air in December 2015. Series 4 is planned to be filmed sometime in 2015 and air sometime in early 2016. Currently how this 8th week of a lack of any news whatsoever feels. Hoping for high fives, getting punched in the face instead. Just the price we pay as Sherlock fans.

A Pleasant Friday Afternoon

Hello Sherlockians. I hope you are all having pleasant Friday afternoons (or evenings or what not). I’ve been working on finishing up the tail end of a rough draft  for a paper/essay/manifesto type thing on experts in the media for my writing class. Sounds exciting right? It actually is, looking at the different connections and such (insert proud nerd badge here). I’m not here to bore you with my paper filled senior workload though.

I’ve been sitting at my desk as I write, looking out my window every so often to stare at the massive blue spruces contrasted against the bright yellow locust tree, the massive red maple, the green-orange behind them, the purplish oak and the amazingly beautiful fall colors contrasted against a perfectly cloudy blue-gray backdrop in the sky. All located out my window, found right in suburbia, someone having done a pretty good job of making sure much of the towering natural beauty remained.

So imagine my surprise when instead of taking little breaks by looking out at this scene, I look up from my computer. Right there is my “Books to read pile,” things I’ve either started to read (such as the Holmes book) or things on the list. Well, I just bought one the other night and chucked it in, not paying much attention as I won’t get to it for a while. Well, I spotted something completely accidentally and ironic that made me crack a little smile. So whether it be the scenery or the little ironies of life, find something for yourself to smile at today and make your afternoon pleasant like mine (and don’t worry, the sarcasm will be returning next week).

The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes Part 2 Review

The “Gloria Scott”

This is not your normal Sherlock Holmes story. Instead of Watson being our narrator, Holmes takes over for the most part and tells Watson the story in their flat one night. Specifically, Holmes tells Watson about his first ever case and how that led to him eventually making a profession out of his deductive skills. The case is never truly solved but it’s interesting to see the view in which Holmes tells a case and how he was back in his college days.

The Musgrave Ritual

In this story, Watson tells of how Holmes is a very untidy man and while one day asks him to clean up, Holmes brings out another one of his first cases to relay to Watson. In this case, Holmes helps an old classmate discover what has happened to his butler under strange circumstances. It’s interesting to see how Holmes isn’t as quick as he is now and required more assistance than we are used to seeing.

The Reigate Puzzle

This story covers a period of time in which Holmes is recovering from an illness and in Watson’s care for him, wishes to take him on a nice, quiet country holiday to let him rest up. Obviously, it’s not a quiet trip and turns into a short story that gives Holmes a little bit of his gusto back, not without worrying Watson a bit though.

The Office (UK): Episode Three

the office Episode Three spoilers within. Episodes are approximately 30 minutes in length.

The office opens by informing us that it is Tim’s 30th birthday (his mom got him up super early to give him his radio hat present). Today also happens to be the company’s annual quiz night where two person teams compete in a series of trivia questions. For the past 6 years, David and Finchy have won (but David warns once they get together, things will get quite rude). Dawn gives Tim a birthday card as David later gives Tim a horribly depressing birthday story.

Lee brings up a present for Tim which happens to be an inflatable penis, which is funny until David and Gareth start making bad jokes. Dawn goes around the office inviting everyone to drinks before the quiz for Tim’s birthday (David making sure everyone still goes to the quiz that’s after). Later on in the day, David finds out Ricky was on a trivia show and the two start a mild quizzing back and forth throughout the day. Over at Dawn’s desk, she and Tim share his radio hat and discuss the custody schedule of the hat. Dawn and Tim then head into the conference room where Gareth (the quiz master for the night) is coming up with questions. He tries to get them to leave but Tim claims to have a question about the army. Obviously, he doesn’t and the pair get Gareth riled up without him ever realizing.

Finchy and David during the quiz (source)

Finchy and David during the quiz (source)

In the break room, Dawn, Tim and another employee listen as Lee details he and Dawn’s future plans (that don’t sound that great for Dawn). We finally meet Finchy at the end of the work and it turns out he’s a much more repulsive version of David. During quiz night, it eventually comes down to David & Finchy against Ricky & Tim. Ricky and Tim manage to win the quiz but David & Finchy aren’t too happy about it. Finchy says double or nothing that they win if he can throw one of Tim’s shoes over the building. A crowed gathers outside and Finchy is able to do so, but Tim is left looking pretty beat down at the end of his birthday after losing his title and having to go look for his shoe.


This is a pretty decent episode that starts developing those “Are Tim and Dawn just friends? Or something else?” questions. The moments where Dawn and Tim rile up Gareth are pretty good as is the quiz night. Next week keeps the development moving and brings what I can only call horrifying hilarity in the best episode of them all.

My Episode Winner(s): Tim & Dawn

6/10 “So you’d be using your hole as bait?”

Tim and Dawn (source)

Tim and Dawn (source)


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