The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes Part 3 Review

The Crooked Man

In this story, Holmes and Watson attempt to identify if a woman murdered her husband and upon reasoning she didn’t, who exactly did? And what is this strange creature that leaves behind a trail but doesn’t match any ordinary animal? Holmes and Watson figure things out quickly and justice is paid.

The Resident Patient

The story starts with Holmes performing a little bit of deduction work on Watson on a lazy day before the men go out for the night. Upon returning home, they have a new client who speaks to them about how his live-in patient is affright. The story is a relatively simple one yet is intriguing to see how Holmes and Watson are in their domestic lives.

The Greek Interpreter

This tale introduces us to Sherlock’s brother, Mycroft, and showcases his deductive skills as well. The case itself revolves around a greek man who acts as an interpreter for visitors to London but is called out one night on a menacing task. The mystery is solved despite things not going perfectly, with the villains somehow getting what they deserved.


The Office (UK): Episode Four

the office Episode Four spoilers within. Episodes are approximately 30 minutes in length.

This episode of the office is quite possibly the best (apart from the Christmas Special) and for good reason. The episode follows the events of our wonderful employees while they endure a training seminar on how to learn better customer relation skills. It goes as wonderfully as you’d expect. Dawn has her own problems when she and Lee get in a fight and thinks it might be over, even mentioning to Tim her desire to leave the office for a different career. As the Training day goes on, David ends up taking over and even singing to his employees, some of them joining in. Meanwhile, Tim takes several big moves, all at the end of the day. He’s had enough of the paper industry and quits, but not before embracing himself and asking Dawn out for a drink, only to discover she and Lee have made up. Tim quickly recovers (covers it up) and leaves but the secret is out, once and for all.


This is basically the best episode of the office in terms of hilarity. If you have to ask why, just go back and watch the singing part again. Or you can watch it here. My personally favorite episode and one that starts that Dawn/Tim connection down a path where a hand on a shoulder starts to mean a whole lot more.

My Episode Winner: David 

10/10 Free Love Freeway’s

Gif/Pic of the Week #37 The Sign of Three X (October 22, 2014)

This week’s theme is a revisit of The Sign of Three which has far too many great moments to include them all here today. Enjoy.

tsotx tea 1


tsotx tea 2

tsotx tea 3

Every child to every mother everywhere. (source)

Every child to every mother everywhere (during finals week).

tsotx whistle 1

tsotx whistle 2

Martin Freeman was goofing around and merely trying to make Benedict Cumberbatch laugh with that point and whistle. Be thankful for this man’s attempt at screwing up the shot. (source)

tsotx crime 1

tsotx crime 2

tsotx crime 3

Poor Sherlock for getting sick. At least John is excited over completing a sentence. (source)

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News for the Week of October 20, 2014

Series 4 Update

A Christmas special will film in January 2015 and air in December 2015. Series 4 is planned to be filmed sometime in 2015 and air sometime in early 2016. Currently how this 8th week of a lack of any news whatsoever feels. Hoping for high fives, getting punched in the face instead. Just the price we pay as Sherlock fans.


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