Sherlock Workout (TV)

Sitting down and watching a few episodes of Sherlock is sure to be pleasurable but it takes up time as well. We know we should maybe be doing other things, like working out, but we don’t want to get up and leave Sherlock behind. Now you don’t have to choose or feel guilty about skipping a workout! The Sherlock Workout (TV) is meant to be done while watching all of your favorite episodes (don’t worry, it’s not that hard so even the laziest of us can participate).

I am not a fitness expert or professional. Please consult with your physician before starting any exercise program. If you are unaware with how to perform a certain move, you are sitting at a computer, you can figure out how to get the answer.




Sherlock Workout

Someone makes fun of John’s blog                                                          5 push ups

Sherlock & John couple joke                                                                      10 squats

Sherlock uses his Mind Palace                                                                   5 jumping jacks

Someone finds a body part in the kitchen                                              10 high knees

Mrs. Hudson says “Not your housekeeper”                                  10 mountain climbers

John yells “Sherlock!” or says “I’m a doctor!”                                          5 lunges

Sherlock gets Lestrade’s name wrong                                                     10 pushups

Sherlock & Mycroft insult one another                                                   10 jumping jacks

Sherlock asks Molly for help                                                           5 mountain climbers

Moriarty is mentioned/seen                                                                      15 high knees

John physically attacks Sherlock                                                        10 jumping jacks

Sherlock must explain what’s happening in the case to John             5 squats

Someone mentions/wears the deerstalker (death frisbee)                  10 lunges

John & Sherlock make fun of each other                                                5 jumping jacks

John’s past/present girlfriend(s) are mentioned/seen                          5 pushups

John’s sad music plays/John is sad                                                          5 high knees

Someone dies/Commits fake-suicide                                               10 mountain climbers

Sherlock & John Drunk                                                            Just watch the show already

Saving Santa

Saving Santa spoilers within. Saving Santa is Not Rated (although meant for children) and is approximately 84 minutes long.

The movie begins with a narrator (Martin Freeman) speaking about how Christmas can change you. We watch a young boy sing about (but not naming) his Christmas wish when the narrator comes back in and says we’ll come back to him later. The narrator says his memories of Christmas will never be the same again and that he wanted to be something else (something better) than what he was as the shot changes to overlooking the North Pole. It heads down a chimney and onto an elf sleeping in bed. The narrator says that this is his story (it’s true!), his name is Bernard, and that he is an elf.


Bernard is late (source)

Bernard (red messy hair & just a tad chubby for an elf) is snoring away in bed when he wakes up suddenly, looks around tiredly, and lies back down. He opens his eyes and they go wide, seeing his alarm clock broken on the floor (been there before). Bernard jumps out of bed, running around his room, freaking out that he slept in on today of all days. Quickly, he dresses and gets ready for the day as he looks for something. He finds it on the floor near his bed, a blue globe ornament looking object. He opens his front door to leave when the 3 elves outside gasp at him. Looking down, he realizes he’s forgotten his pants. After a quick change, Bernard is off and running again with the ornament. As he gets to the train station, it’s already leaving. Bernard chases after but doesn’t look where he’s going and runs face-first into a sign, knocking him out cold for a second. Some onlookers poke him (nice, I’m talking to you blue elf), waking Bernard up. He grabs the ornament and takes off running, wishing them a Merry Christmas. Making his way through town, he almost runs into a carriage but avoids it, saying hi to Blitz (Blitzen the reindeer) as he passes by. Eventually, Bernard makes his way to the large, corporate looking building, Santech and runs inside (not without having a little trouble with those turnstile doors first).

The camera shows an overhead shot of the North Pole as the title appears before the background turns greenish in color and the north pole is replaced with a snowy mountain. Neville Baddington (of course he’s not going to be the villain or anything, played by Tim Curry) is at a satellite station along with a group of his workers (henchmen) who are searching for the North Pole. Neville’s mother comes in the room and Neville tries to praise her while receiving the cold shoulder instead. Neville has just taken over Quickest Airborne Delivery (QAD) from his mother but she’s not happy that they aren’t the fastest delivery service in the world and that he’s wasting her company’s time by chasing a mythical Santa Claus.


Bernard gives his pitch (source)

Over at Santech, Bernard speaks with security (toy soldiers) and tells them he has a presentation. The guard tells him he’s late (Bernard tells him about the pants issue) but tells him the room location anyways, despite being out of time. In a boardroom, an elf is presenting his chipmunk deterrent invention to a panel of 8 elves (it’s not going that great for him). Bernard bursts in, apologizing for his lateness as the elf presenting is electrocuted by his invention (sort of Bernard’s fault). Bernard climbs on the table as the head elf (has a big moustache so he can be moustache from now on) tells him he missed his time slot. Bernard begs and that he’s been working hard on his invention (his blue ornament). Moustache brings up Bernard’s Mind Eraser invention (meant to erase the memories of people who saw Santa) from the year before. In a flashback, we see it didn’t go to plan and all of the board members temporarily forgot their memories, no thanks to Bernard. In the present, Bernard pleads to show off his invention while board members whisper not to let him. Moustache is feeling generous today and let’s Bernard have one minute, much to the dismay of the other members.

Bernard starts his pitch by asking what the one thing Santa can’t fit in his bag, the answer being Christmas memories. His invention will allow the user to recall their happiest Christmas memory and project it on the frontward screen. The purpose of the invention is to raise Christmas spirit in people. Bernard asks for a volunteer while the board members hide and toss one of them out. Bernard places the ornament, which opens up on her head and an umbrella like structure comes out, displaying a 360 degrees screen that projects the memory. It works and the other members come out, fighting over getting to use it. After Moustache’s turn, he tries to fiddle with the invention; Bernard trying to stop him and the ornament sparks, causing a blackout. The lights come back on but the board isn’t happy and kick Bernard out along with his invention (even though it works). Bernard is escorted out by two toy soldiers and Moustache, who tell him not to come back. Outside, Moustache says that being a Santech inventor is only for the best and the brightest, not poop-scoopers. Moustache returns inside and the toy soldiers say Bernard caused a blackout on Christmas Eve of all days, as a disappointed Bernard starts to walk away. Angry, Bernard insults his own invention, which shocks his hand. He then throws it away angrily before sadly wandering off again.

After walking through town and up a large hill, Bernard enters a barn, still sighing and sniffling over his failed presentation. Inside the round room surrounded by stalls and a sleigh in the middle, Bernard gloomily says hello to the reindeer in their stalls, except for Blitz who seems to be missing. Out of nowhere, Blitz jumps on top of Bernard before getting off once he realizes he’s hurting him. Blitz has a device around his neck that makes him speak gibberish (another one of Bernard’s inventions), although it’s meant to translate to English. However, Blitz and Bernard can communicate pretty well, despite only using the gibberish and non-verbal cues. Bernard tells him about his bad morning as he picks up a shovel and starts throwing the brown pellets into a wheelbarrow behind him (still feeling quite down about himself). Unknown to Bernard, Santa comes in and gets hit with some of those pellets, causing Bernard to freak out but its no big deal. Instead, Santa takes Bernard over to his sleigh after he spots Bernard’s reindeer vocalizer on Blitz. On the sleigh, Santa reveals the secret of his sleigh to Bernard, the Time Globe. The Time Globe is used for time travel and was the first of Santech’s inventions. Bernard wants to investigate it but Santa tells him another time (Santa goes over some of the basic rules of time travel i.e. don’t let your past self see your current self and that you can’t undo something, only add to it). Bernard questions why Santa would show this to him but Santa thinks Bernard is like the inventor of it and could possibly be like that inventor someday. Santa heads out and tells Bernard to get the reindeer ready for the night, Bernard re-invigorated after his chat.


Bernard belts one out with the reindeer (source)

Bernard is so cheered up after his chat with Santa that he breaks out into a song, “Prospects,” about how everyone has prospects so why not him. Bernard and the reindeer sing and dance around the room, Bernard naming off the great feats different animals can do and to not give up until you’re where you want to be. Bernard takes his song outside, leaving the reindeer behind, skipping merrily down the hill and into the center of town as he doesn’t notice elves being snatched up, the giant blimp above them and the dark look the sky has taken. As he belts out the last note, he’s bumped into and finally notices what’s going on and runs for cover. In the town center, he contorts his body to look like one of the painted elves surrounding the candy-striped pole of the North Pole. As he does so, Neville Baddington slides down a rope right in front of him, facing away luckily. Neville tells the henchmen to look for the sleigh so they can figure out its secrets (they start in the pancake palace. I like these two). Unfortunately, Bernard sneezes upon realizing he has to try and get help from the reindeer. Just before Neville spots him, he’s hit with a snowball. It was thrown by a red haired girl elf (Ashley Tisdale), who gives Bernard a smile, he in turn looking surprised. Nearby, we see Santa thrown out of a building as Neville comes over to tell them they’re going to have a chat.

Bernard takes the opportunity to run back to the barn and once there, informs the reindeer they’re under attack. Using a pitchfork, Bernard manages to barricade the doors just in time. Bernard paces around, wishing he had time to think when Blitz picks him up and faces him towards the sleigh. Bernard realizes he can use the Time Globe to go back in time and warn Santa about the attackers. Just then, some henchmen break down the doors and Bernard quickly climbs in the sleigh. He presses some buttons on the sleigh’s dash before finding the right one and getting the globe, raising it in the air. The henchmen spot him and run towards him while he tries to get the globe to work. The reindeer quickly use some barrels to stop the henchmen giving Bernard more time. They stand up and Bernard finally gets the globe to activate, not actually knowing how he did it. Bernard pushes the globe back into the sleigh as the henchmen come after him. A bright light blocks out everything except for Bernard and when it comes back, the men are gone (Bernard having successfully gone back in time to that morning).

Bernard hops out of the sleigh and walks towards Blitz’s stall (not without stepping in some reindeer droppings he had cleaned up in the past, which is really the future. Isn’t time travel not at all confusing to explain?). In Blitz’s stall, he’s sleeping away when Bernard wakes him up. Knowing he sounds crazy, Bernard explains that he’s gone back in time, Blitz going back to sleep. Bernard tells him about the attackers and the girl (Bernard’s got a little thing going on for her), noticing that Blitz doesn’t believe him. Blitz lays his head down once more as Bernard tries to drag him out of bed before coming up with a way to prove it. Blitz gets up and grumpily follows.


Bernard gets Blitz on his side (source)

At Bernard’s house, Bernard shows Blitz his past self, snoring away in bed, proving he isn’t lying. Blitz believes him and the two agree he has a pretty annoying snore. Bernard has Blitz smell a cookie that smells like Santa and tells him to track him down so they can warn him, the pair leaving the house. They follow the scent through town before Blitz suddenly jolts up and heads towards the pancake palace. Bernard says breakfast can wait but they decide to go in, knowing Santa loves pancakes. Inside, Bernard searches for Santa while Blitz looks to grab some food. Needing a better vantage point, Bernard climbs the giant stack of pancakes in the center of the room and begins to speak to the other elves, warning them of the impending attack (they all appropriately look at him like he’s crazy and ignore him). A larger elf inside speaks to a sleeve collar hooked up to an earpiece worn by his partner. He warns of a crazy inside and asks about big red (so these guys are like Santa’s own form of the Secret Service). A red haired girl elf (the same one that saved Bernard earlier) answers that everything’s clear as she and Santa enter the pancake palace. Inside, all of the elves say hi to Santa as Bernard calls for him from his stack. He looks down to see Blitz pull a pancake out from the stack, causing it and Bernard to come crashing down. Bernard stands and calls after Santa, as the larger elf comes running and tackles Bernard to the ground. He secures Bernard before lifting him up and showing him to his partner. Bernard recognizing the red haired girl but she doesn’t seem to know him. She tells the larger elf to take him in for questioning. The larger elf drags Bernard out as he spits out his marshmallow gag and tells them he has to warn Santa.


Bernard is captured (source)

Outside, Bernard’s been put in the back of a candy-cane paddy wagon as Blitz comes flying out to his side. Bernard tells him that he has to stop the other one of him from doing the presentation to prevent the blackout and Blitz goes off after the other Bernard comes running past. The screen fades dark and comes back under interrogation lights. Bernard wakes up and finds himself tied to a chair in the elf’s secret service command center. An elf questions him as Bernard attempts to explain his situation. The red-haired girl elf says she belives him (but really doesn’t, only playing the good cop role). Bernard explains about the Time Globe and the power goes out. At Neville’s base, a blip (more of a blop) appears on the radar briefly but disappears before he can show his mother. She kicks him out and Neville and some henchmen go off in search of the blip. When the power comes back on, the elves say Bernard was right but he’s gone, making his escape down the hall. They give chase but Bernard manages to make his way out and up to the surface through a mailbox elevator. He ends up outside of Santech and watches from behind his mailbox his other self being thrown out of Santech, Bernard realizing he was the one that caused the blackout and led the attackers there.

Bernard follows his sad self towards the barn while singing a sad song about himself, “An Elf Like Him,” saying he should just give up. As he approaches the barn, he hears his other self singing “Prospects” inside as he now mocks his other self scrounfully in the one he now sings. Bernard leaves the barn and heads back into town, turning his sad song into a triumphant one, declaring he’ll put everything right and fight to do so, ending his ballad. Overhead, Neville steers his ship straight into the mountain below to discover it’s just a hologram and that the North Pole is hidden beneath. Bernard runs through town as the henchman drop in but is forced to hide once again in the town center by taking the shape of one of the painted elves. Quickly, Bernard looks to his left, feeling this is familiar, and discovers his other self hiding right next to him, just out of view. Luckily, he gets out of there before the other him spots him and runs to get into the workshop where Santa is.

He’s too late as Santa has already been captured but manages to sneak inside the building to overhear Santa and Neville’s conversation. Mostly, Neville is bitter over Santa never telling him the secrets of his sleigh and wants to find out the truth now. Meanwhile, Bernard has dressed himself up like a present and sneaks over to Santa to tell him he can fix this if he goes back in time, again. Santa tells him good luck but Neville discovers him instead. Bernard hides away in another room and grabs an elf size toy car, and gets it going. He breaks out of the room and onto the street but hits the center pole, causing it to come crashing down. He swerves to avoid the pole and the red-haired girl elf, heading up to the barn. The henchmen have already been taken out inside by the time he gets inside and he thinks he’s in the clear. Unfortunately, a barrel gets dropped on his car and he goes flying in the air, getting hooked on a light above the sleigh. Bernard yells at Blitz for doing so and struggles to get free, eventually doing so and falling down towards his other self in the sleigh just as the screen goes white.


Bernard tries to get the memory invention (source)

Back in time again, a Bernard steps out of the sleigh and heads towards Blitz as our Bernard pops up from the back of the sleigh and leaves quietly. At his own house, Bernard watches his other self (there’s 3 of them by now) snore loudly in bed. He sneaks around to the nightstand, grabs the Christmas memory invention and is going to smash it but decides it’d be better to do so somewhere else. Just then, the alarm clock goes off (causing him to drop the invention) and he stops the sound, only to hear his sleeping self sitting up and talking to him. Silently he panics but he’s just talking in his sleep and quickly lies down and begins to snore again. Downstairs, the front door opens as Bernard and Blitz come in to prove that Bernard is from the future. Our Bernard has no place to hide but spots a red shirt in his closet. Outside, we see Bernard hanging from the shirt outside the window, waiting for the other Bernard and Blitz to leave. Eventually they do and he slips back in, his thud waking up the Bernard in bed. Bernard crouches by the bed and goes to grab the invention when the sleeping Bernard starts to freak out over being late and throws his covers off, hiding Bernard. The sleeping Bernard grabs the invention and heads downstairs, our Bernard standing and upset that he can’t stop the presentation, again.

The sleeping Bernard has forgotten his pants much to the luck of our Bernard who uses the opportunity to slip out and make the sleeping Bernard miss his train. Our Bernard flips the sign so sleeping Bernard will crash into it and gets on the last cart. When the train stops, Bernard runs off, bumping into a few other elves and Blitz comes flying past, the elves pointing in Bernard’s direction. Blitz catches up with Bernard and sticks out a leg, stopping him and knocking him out. Just after, the sleeping Bernard comes running by, causing Blitz to realize he stopped the wrong Bernard. When he wakes up, the power goes out again and Bernard can’t believe he couldn’t stop it from happening again. He gets very upset and angry and tells Blitz to leave him alone. Outside Santech at the bottom of the stairs, he mopes around when he hears a commotion from far above. He looks up and sees a blue ornament come flying towards him, knocking him out once more (you’re up to 4 concussions by my count, not good).


Bernard comes up with a plan (source)

When he wakes up, he discovers he’s been tied up again and is back in the secret service command center. They question him about the invention that caused the blackout but Bernard just solemnly tells them about Neville Baddington. The center gets a warning and discover Neville has broken through the hologram. The elves begin to panic, all except for the red haired girl elf who asks Bernard if he knows how they can stop Neville. Still feeling sorry for himself, he can’t think of anything. The girl elf believes in him and starts to sing, “Do or Die,” as she lets Bernard free. He joins in her singing and he comes up with a plan to use the Christmas memory invention to give Neville his Christmas spirit back, eventually getting the other elves on his side to help him, ending the song. Outside, the elves are forced to hide on the center elf paintings, our Bernard knowing the other two are just feet away. They have to get Bernard back to the sleigh though and decide a roof jump off of Santech is the only way to get him there (Bernard isn’t too happy about the plan). The group runs off but when she spots one of the past Bernard’s in trouble, the red haired elf throws a snowball at Neville and is captured.

Up on the Santech roof, the elves shoot a line to the barn and have Bernard sit in a wreath to ride the way there. Things go smoothly at first but the pole comes crashing down on his line and the other elves have to grab it to stop it from falling. Meanwhile, things come crashing down around the red haired elf but Bernard manages to grab her as he swings by and sets he down somewhere safe. He makes it all the way to the barn (crashing against it) and climbs in through a window. He loses his invention inside and has to try a few different times to get it back, Blitz watching all 3 Bernards and trying to help each. Once Bernard grabs the invention, Blitz pulls him into a stall so he doesn’t go back in time while the other two Bernard’s do. Quickly, he climbs into the sleigh and puts his invention inside it but it soon grabbed by Neville and his henchmen. Neville has the sleigh brought to the town center but Bernard is a smart elf. He says he’ll help Neville discover the sleigh’s secrets but instead uses the memory devise on him.


Bernard and Santa (source)

We discover the little boy from the start of the movie was Neville as Santa and the elves join in in singing his song. Neville’s regained his Christmas spirit but at the end we see Neville’s mother threw away his letter to Santa as a child. In the present, his mother comes up and is pleased but not proud of what Neville’s done and Neville decides he doesn’t want to take over the North Pole. With some help from Bernard and his old mind eraser device, Neville’s mother loses her memory and becomes kind, as Neville apologizes to everyone. The red haired girl elf comes up to Bernard and praises him before giving him a kiss on the cheek. Later that evening, Bernard’s prepared the reindeer to make deliveries as Santa and his sleigh arrive. Only, he wants Bernard to come along now that he’s going to be one of his Santech inventors, Blitz’s translator finally working in English as well (Bernard getting a new hat in turn). Excited, they take off to deliver presents (Bernard not so excited about no seatbelts) and the movie ends.


As a massive lover of Christmas (that has nothing to do with my under appreciated Boxing Day birthday. BTW can someone in a country that celebrates Boxing Day explain what you do on that day?), I get a hankering for some Yuletide around July every year. I discovered this animated film in my search for something new and lo and behold, it had the voice of one of the Sherlock actors as its star! From the title of “Saving Santa” I figured the plot would revolve around an elf saving Santa and Christmas (wasn’t wrong on either account). However, this movie does have a few surprises up its sleeves that you probably weren’t expecting. I was not expecting the time travel theme to the movie. Time travel is something that gets a little messy but it’s done quite well here so kids can understand it. It’s also done very well to show how even very minute things happen because of the other Bernard’s (i.e. Blitz being scared by Bernard in a barrel caused him to drop the barrel on Bernard’s car sending Bernard flying).

I read something about how the animation wasn’t up to Pixar level quality in this movie. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Pixar movie with its super sharp animations but that doesn’t make everything else bad. I liked the animation for this movie, it fitting quite nicely with the softness of a Christmas type movie. The singing was pretty decent as well. I found myself quite surprised to discover that Martin Freeman has a good singing voice. Ashley Tisdale not being too shabby herself in her few moments of song, although I’ve heard her sing better. The plot of QAD wanting the North Pole for competition purposes probably goes over a kid’s head unless you’re raising them to be an investment banker from an early age (I hope not), but it’s not the worst hiccup in the world. Overall, a shorter movie your kids (and adults with an inner child too) are sure to enjoy.

Worth a Re-Watch?: Good for the Holiday season or anytime you want a quick jolt of Christmas spirit


GiF/Pic of the week #24 (July 23, 2014)

This week doesn’t really have a theme except for “this is all the random Sherlock gifs/pics I have saved and have finally remembered to use” theme (hint: there’s a lot). Enjoy.

It’s almost like looking into a mirror.

No, that’s 7 new episodes. We can’t forget that Christmas special after all.

Also known as the search for where the hell is my phone.

Every Sherlockian after the end of a series with the knowledge of a 2 year wait.

Jeez John, you know Sherlock is still working on his flips, he’s not ready yet.

John will never see me now that I’ve disguised myself as napkin face.

Someone on Fargo decided to have the room Lester (Martin Freeman) was found in be 221. Looks like the flat has changed a lot since John moved out.

When someone friends you on Facebook and you’ve never heard of them in your life.

Annoyed John. Perfect to send to someone when they ask you for a favor.

Martin Freeman is very serious. You can tell by Amanda Abbington’s laughter that he is in no way acting in this moment and is a very serious man who thinks this moment is very serious.

See? Martin Freeman is very serious.

The Sherlock/ Harry Potter mashup you didn’t know you were waiting for.

Sherlock shoots his gun into the wall. The rest of us browse reddit and watch crap reality TV.

This seems eerily spot on…

Now go and continue to be awesome.

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News for the Week of July 21, 2014

Sherlock Holmes Guinness World Record Broken

Saturday was Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch’s 38th birthday and to celebrate, a group of Sherlock fans attempted to break the world record for the most number of people dressed as Sherlock Holmes at one venue. Each person was required to wear a deerstalker, a cape, a pipe and a magnifying glass. With 113 participants, the group broke the record. You can find out more about the record here.

Fargo Renewed for a Second Season

Fellow Fargo fans rejoice for FX’s Fargo has been renewed for a second season. The new season will follow a new lot of characters, a new plot (new “this is a true story” crime) as well as a fleet of all new actors. The show may be filmed in the same location as the first season but it will be taking place during a different time period. Hopefully we’ll get to find out about that Sioux Falls case after all.

Series 4 Update

Just another reminder that the special and series 4 will film in 2015 with speculated air dates of Christmas time for the special and New Years for series 4.


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