Gif/Pic of the Week #42 Dancing Detective (November 26, 2014)

This week’s theme is a returning to dancing for all of you and to Tumblr’s creepy side for me. Enjoy.

Sherlock says turn down for what?

Moonwalk vs. leg grab. Who will come out victorious?

It’s official. Sherlock has been crowned the dancing queen. (source)

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Sherlock News #221back Special Update

#221back Special Update

Apparently the folks over at BBC One have decided to give us all a little holiday present. They have released a picture of how Sherlock and John will look for the special, found below.

So what does this mean? Well as one comment I read said, “the ‘stache is back” but it looks a little better with the hat. Speaking of the hat and clothes, perhaps our special will be going back in time? Perhaps we’ll get to see an original, Victorian-version Sherlock and John? Cast and crew have also posted pictures of read-through scripts on social media, suggesting today they will be doing a read through of the Christmas special. More updates to follow, if more come in.

*Someone spotted the mistake in the first picture and it  was appropriately dubbed by Mark Gatiss that the special would be, “Based on the lost story ‘The Adventure of the Missing Shoulder'”

Now with more shoulder (source)

Planes, Trains & Automobiles


Planes, Trains & Automobiles (1987) is rated R (although this can be a family movie if you just mute one scene in particular, which I’ll mention below, and have mature-ish kids) and is approximately 93 minutes.

I promised it and here it is, your bonus recap for November. Planes, Trains & Automobiles follows Neil Page (Steve Martin) as he tries to make his way home from NYC to Chicago for Thanksgiving. He’s supposed to get home Tuesday night, two whole days before Thanksgiving. All he has to do is get on the 6 o’clock plane. Sounds easy, right? Unfortunately for Neil, he gets out of work late and has to rush to get a cab. He encounters some trouble along the way, including a large man in a blue puffer coat, but manages to get to the airport on time, only to discover his flight is delayed. As Neil waits, he spots the man in the blue puffer jacket also waiting. The man is kind and apologizes for taking Neil’s cab but Neil’s a bit of a grump and accepts begrudgingly.

This day is not getting any better when Neil gets pushed to economy and ends up, you guessed it, sitting next to the slightly obnoxious man from before. His name is Del Griffith (John Candy) and he’s a shower curtain ring salesman (he’s really good actually). Del chats Neil’s ear off, Neil barely getting through when their plane is diverted to Wichita, Kansas due to weather. Neil’s wife was waiting up for him but decides to go to sleep after getting a call about the delayed flight. Turns out the delay turns into a cancellation and Neil’s stuck. Del meanwhile was smart enough to book a motel room and offers to get Neil a room there so he’s not stuck sleeping on the floor. Neil accepts with some hesitation.

It’s just getting worse at this point after Neil pays for the cab and room, only to discover they’ll have to share the room and it’s only got one bed. The bathroom becomes a mess after Del uses it and Neil has to end up sleeping in the beer Del spilled on the bed. Some of Del’s annoying habits before bed are too much for Neil and he explodes on Del. He’s harsh and cruel to Del but says everything you would in this situation. Del answers back with ferocity but also with that sense of kindness that always surrounds him. Neil starts to see some of his own faults as a person and returns to bed.

Good morning…(source)

In the morning, the men have relaxed and after a hilarious morning wake up scene, they grab breakfast. The airlines are booked up and maybe a train would be a good option instead. When they go to pay, they see their cash is gone, a their in the night having stolen the money. Charge cards will have to work for now. The free ride they get to the train station is another one of those moments that will make you laugh and gawk (sideways people, sideways…). At the station, the men couldn’t get tickets together and Neil decides they should part ways in a nice way. There’s about a minute of rest for Neil as the train breaks down and he spots Del dragging his massive trunk (a character in itself) across the field they must now traverse. Neil helps him and the two are brought together once again.

A bus gets the pair to St. Louis where Del gets to show off his salesman skills and scrounges up enough cash for the men to grab some food. At this point, Neil and Del seem to have developed a friendship but it’s almost like Neil doesn’t want it and once again, Neil decides to leave Del behind, this time Del getting a little miffed over it. Neil is at the airport and has rented a car (my first idea), only to discover it’s not there. He gets a little mad (understatement) and is forced to walk all the way back to the rental agency in the airport. For those of you watching with kids, now’s the time to mute. Keep it muted from the time Neil is standing in line until he’s leaving the airport again. Neil chews out the agency with 18  f-bombs in a span of 60 seconds. As it turns out, Neil isn’t getting a car because they’ve run out and now he’s going to pay for a taxi to get him home (dear lord, that fare…). Neil gets into an altercation with a man about the taxi and lo and behold, Del turns up in a car.

Neil grabs a ride with Del and they are headed off, together again. There’s a little bit of arguing but more so the kind friends have as the day turns to night and the men drive on. Del starts getting a little warm driving while Neil is sleeping (probably something to do with the cigarette that didn’t fly out the window and went in the backseat instead). He takes off his puffer jacket in a spectacular way that results in the men getting turned around on the interstate and driving the wrong direction. Seriously, they drive the wrong way down the road. A car on the other side of the interstate notices and yells at them to take notice themselves. They do only when two tractor trailers are mere inches from them. They manage to squeak through without injury as the car gets scratched up (they can buff it out, don’t worry).

The car is on fire (source)

Neil is a little upset about what has just transpired but they first get Del’s trunk out of the road and sit, facing away from the car. Well, the car catches on fire. It’s hilarious until we realize Neil’s credit card was in the glove compartment and the men have no real money left. They drive the shell of a car to an inn where Neil is still mad at Del and requests different rooms. Neil pays for one with $17 and a nice watch but Del’s out of luck. Neil gets ready for bed and is unable to talk to his wife (who hasn’t heard from him in a day). Del sits out in the burnt car, snow falling on to him as he speaks out loud to his wife. Neil realizes he can’t leave Del out there and lets him in. The two proceed to have a little bit of liquor and have some fun before bed.

In the morning, today finally being Thanksgiving, the men get out of the inn quickly (for reasons…) and drive their burnt crisp of a car towards Chicago. They are actually having fun until they get pulled over by a cop for speeding. Their car gets impounded but Del manages to convince a tractor trailer driver to let them ride in the back. Finally the men have gotten to the city of Chicago, a simple subway ride being the last step for Neil. The two men part ways as friends and are excited to meet each other’s families someday. Neil also mentioning he’s learned a bit from this ordeal. On the ride home however, Neil notices something else and returns to the station. Del is still here for some reason. It turns out Del is homeless and his wife has been dead for 8 years. Neil can’t believe it and his expression is one of sorrow, that is until he gets an idea.

Neil and Del are walking up Neil’s street as they approach his house. Del says he’ll only stop in and say hi but Neil wants him to stay for dinner. They enter the house, saying hi to everyone as Neil’s wife comes down the stairs. She and Del share a special hello, despite not knowing anything about each other, before she hugs Neil. Del looks on a little sad at first but then happy, having gained a new friend and some happiness from his journey.


I am very biased in my beliefs about this movie because it has been a holiday staple in my family since I can remember. I can even remember the year we didn’t mute the tv for that airport scene, my true acceptance into becoming older. This is a relatively short movie that’s funny, a little sad and deeper than it seems. It’s also one of the few Thanksgiving movies there are and I hope it brings your family together like it’s done for my own.

4.6/5 Stars

News for the Week of November 24, 2014

Martin Freeman to host SNL

If you’ve ever hoped to see a Sherlock skit on SNL featuring one of the stars itself, here’s your chance. On December 13th, Martin Freeman will be hosting the comedy sketch gig for the first time, obviously to help promote the upcoming last Hobbit movie. Here’s hoping for at least one Sherlock themed sketch.

Applies to both stories! (source)

Series 4 Update

Series 4 is not going to be pretty. Mark Gatiss, co-creator/writer/actor on Sherlock has said that series 4 will feature some sort of “tragedy” that will play with our heartstrings. However, Gatiss went on to say don’t assume it will follow the original stories to the tee and that *spoiler Mary dies. So who knows what cruel misery is in store for us? Gatiss also went on to say don’t assume that the Christmas special will be Christmas themed, if you get what I’m saying. If they chose to go the Christmas route, “The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle” would be an obvious choice. We’re just happy for more than expected Sherlock next year.

The Christmas special is confirmed to start production in January 2015 with pre-prodution currently taking place. The special is expected to air in December 2015, most likely around Christmas. Series 4 is planned to be filmed sometime later in 2015 and air sometime in early 2016.


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