News for the Week of September 22, 2014

Series 4 Update

A Christmas special is expected to film in January 2015 and air December 2015. It’s been rumored that the special may focus on “The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle” but that’s still very much speculation at this point. Series 4 will film sometime in 2015 and will air after the special, likely at the start of 2016.

Fourth week in a row for the same news. Seeing as the awards season for shows is running down and it’s still a while before series 4 & the Chirstmas special can be filmed, this is all we have. It’s as if the news is saying this to us…


The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Part 2 Review

The Boscombe Valley Mystery

This mystery follows the story of Holmes and Watson attempting to clear the name of a man in the case of his father’s murder. The case is not overly complex and the true murderer can be guessed early on, but it’s still a nice read. The case takes us out of London and into the country for the first time in a Sherlock Holmes story, allowing Holmes to show off his skills in another venue.

The Five Orange Pips

Most of this story is spent learning about the details of the case and the culprits are something mostly everyone in this day and age is able to figure out quickly. In this story, the murders are members of the kkk which feels a bit weird when Watson has no idea who they are, considering we do. The idea of the 5 orange pips as a signaling device is very unique and is the real tease in for the story.

The Man with the Twisted Lip

This story has a twist but one that you’ll probably see coming midway through. The mystery isn’t a grand one but the start of the story in which Watson goes to a drug den in search of his wife’s friend’s husband, Mr. Whitney, follows a bit of the trajectory of His Last Vow. Another example of seeing how the show pulls form the original stories.

Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzz spoilers within. Hot Fuzz is rated R and is the second movie in the Cornetto Trilogy. Super Warning: Also one of my favorite movies of all time.

The movie begins by quickly recounting our main character’s, Officer Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg), impressive history as an officer. We learn that he is outstanding at his job and frankly much better than any other officer in the London Met. One day Angel is called into his Sergeant’s office. He is told by the Sergeant (this is where you’ll start to notice in the trilogy that certain people have a tendency to appear in all three movies. Looking at you Martin Freeman) that he’s done a smash-up job of things and that he himself is being promoted to Sergeant (yay). The only catch is it’s in Sandford (way out in the middle of the country, away from Angel’s beloved hustle and bustle of the city). Angel also can’t stay in his current position but he won’t accept that and requests to speak with someone higher up. The Inspector is brought down where both he and the Sergeant tell Angel no such luck. Angel still won’t accept this and wants to go even higher, all the way up to the Chief Inspector (see? Bill Nighy again). Well…Angel is making everyone look bad so they want him out of there. Angel thinks his fellow officers will want him to stick around but instead they are already throwing him a going away party outside of the office (tough luck Nicholas).

Nicholas makes a quick stop over to his ex-girlfriend (who is working a forensic’s scene at the moment) to say bye (while also showing that he can’t turn his mind off from the job for even a moment). Nicholas is whisked away with his few belongings to Sandford on a gloomy night where he checks in to a creepy/old hotel while his cottage is still being prepared. After settling in, Nicholas goes out on the town and to the local pub. While there he notices that many of the patrons appear to be underage and promptly kicks them out. Walking back to the hotel, he spots a drunk man (Nick Frost) trying to get into his car. Nicholas warns him not to drive drunk and after turning his attention away from him, is nearly run over by the drunk man. Nicholas escorts him back to the police station (picking up a few others along the way).

The next morning Nicholas goes for a run through the village where he is met with warm welcomes from many towns people. After making his way into work, Nicholas discovers the drunk man to be missing from his cell. Just then, the drunk man walks up behind him, sober and dressed as it happens, as a police officer. Nicholas asks him why and it turns out the drunk man, Dany, actually is one. The supervisor, Frank who also happens to be Dany’s father, meets with Nicholas and they tour the station along with the few other officers that work there. The N.W.A. (Neighborhood Watch Alliance) is also introduced as a type of community service that monitors potential troubles in town.

Dany and Nicholas go after the escaped swan (source)

Dany and Nicholas go after the escaped swan (source)

After the tour, Nicholas goes out to lunch with the other officers (some of which don’t really like him) and we see more of his hard demeanor. Nicholas has been partnered with Dany and after the day’s work, Nicholas attends a meeting of the N.W.A. Many of the town’s older people are on this force and are focused on the Village of the Year contest (something they’ve won 20 years in a row). The next day, Nicholas and Dany have some small incidents (cornetto #2 of the trilogy to deal with before stopping at the local grocery chain owned by Mr. Skinner. While there, Nicholas spots a shoplifter, ensuing in a chase across town (fence joke #2 of the trilogy) but eventually catching the young man.

At the station, Skinner decides not to press charges, despite Nicholas believing he should. Later on in the day, Nicholas and Dany pull over a Mr. Blower and Ms. Draper who were speeding and are performing in a play later on that evening. After the day’s work is done, Frank asks Nicholas and Dany to represent the force (service) and go see it for them. The play is quite possibly the most horrible thing you’ve ever seen but we are quickly shown over to the pub where an after party is taking place. Blower apologizes to Nicholas once again for speeding as the two partners leave the party and for the first time, Nicholas smiles. As the partners walk past an alley way, a cloaked and hooded figure stands ominously (some body is about to get murdered if I do believe so). Blower and Draper have snuck back to the dressing room to continue their not-so-secret affair when the hooded figure appears and blood starts flying.

Dany and Nicholas have a little Cornetto snack (source)

Dany and Nicholas have a little Cornetto snack (source)

At this point the movie adds another element which starts to overtake it. Namely, people start getting murdered. Stephen Merchant is killed and so is Tim Messenger and then Leslie Tiller, the last in the actual presence of Nicholas, sparking an unsuccessful chase. Dany and Nicholas have grown closer throughout these deaths but the other officers are lacking in respect for what Nicholas believes as these to be murders, not accidents. After bringing along the whole force to confront Skinner, and being found wrong, his respect is lost among his colleagues, all except for Dany. The next day Nicholas is beaten down but gets some inspiration from an overheard conversation that there must be more than one killer. After approaching Frank with this theory, he tries to calm him down that this isn’t a big and dangerous city like he’s used to but they’ll look into it in the morning if he still feels strongly about it.

Nicholas arrives home at his hotel suite that night only to find the door already unlocked. Looking up, he’s attacked by Michael, Skinner’s loyal idiot, but manages to win the fight. Dany shows up and tells him to call his dad because “shit just got real.” Nicholas makes his way over to the castle where Skinner told Michael to return to and discovers the N.W.A. all there. After confronting them, Nicholas learns that the murders took place all so they could win the Village of the Year award again (yup. You read that right). In a twist, Frank is in on the whole thing as well and when Nicholas tries to arrest them all, he finds out he’s the one that’s in trouble. After attempting an escape, it appears as though Dany stabs Nicholas, killing him.

We see that Dany actually saved Nicholas’ life by using the ketchup trick he played earlier on. Dany says he can’t go against his dad and Sandford and tells Nicholas to take his car and go back to London. It looks like Nicholas is going to do this when at a service stop, he changes his mind and the real chaos begins.

The force fights back (source)

The force fights back (source)

In Sandford, Nicholas, along with the eventual help of Dany and the entire police force (minus Frank), take out the members of the N.W.A. in a variety of shootouts and hostage situations. In the end, Nicholas beats Skinner in a fight but still manages to win due to some luck. Frank appears to have gotten away but thanks to a swan, he doesn’t. Nicholas’ past supervisors from London (all 3 of them) come down to the scene of the action and beg him to come back with them seeing as they could use some of his superb police skills again. Nicholas declines seeing how Sandford has begun to grow on him. At the police station when everyone is doing paperwork, the last member of the N.W.A. shows up, catching everyone off guard and shoots at Nicholas. Dany steps in and takes the hit though. The N.W.A. member steps back but sets off the old sea mine in the evidence room, causing the whole building to blow. In the ruble, Nicholas finds Dany and tells him he’ll be alright. The movie cuts to one year later and Nicholas visits a grave. It appears to be Dany’s at first but we later see that it is Dany’s mother’s. The two partners get a call on the radio (Nicholas now chief) and set off on another adventure.


I really like this movie because it is a British action movie that isn’t James Bond (I love James Bond as much as the next gal but some variety is nice). It is also hilarious. There are so many little jokes that play throughout the movie (just like in Shaun) that make it fun to watch. There is a bit of mystery involved which is always good but the true plot of the movie is watching Nicholas soften in his demeanor while making Dany a better officer.

Worth a Re-Watch?:

4.8/5 Stars


Gif/Pic of the Week #32 A Scandal in Belgravia X (September 17, 2014)

This week’s theme is a revisit of A Scandal in Belgravia. Enjoy.

Now that’s just cruel to tell someone.

Who ever spotted this is a genius. 

The darkened pool scenes are just a treat to watch, truly.

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