News for the Week of November 24, 2014

Martin Freeman to host SNL

If you’ve ever hoped to see a Sherlock skit on SNL featuring one of the stars itself, here’s your chance. On December 13th, Martin Freeman will be hosting the comedy sketch gig for the first time, obviously to help promote the upcoming last Hobbit movie. Here’s hoping for at least one Sherlock themed sketch.

Applies to both stories! (source)

Series 4 Update

Series 4 is not going to be pretty. Mark Gatiss, co-creator/writer/actor on Sherlock has said that series 4 will feature some sort of “tragedy” that will play with our heartstrings. However, Gatiss went on to say don’t assume it will follow the original stories to the tee and that *spoiler Mary dies. So who knows what cruel misery is in store for us? Gatiss also went on to say don’t assume that the Christmas special will be Christmas themed, if you get what I’m saying. If they chose to go the Christmas route, “The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle” would be an obvious choice. We’re just happy for more than expected Sherlock next year.

The Christmas special is confirmed to start production in January 2015 with pre-prodution currently taking place. The special is expected to air in December 2015, most likely around Christmas. Series 4 is planned to be filmed sometime later in 2015 and air sometime in early 2016.

The Return of Sherlock Holmes Part 2 Review

The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist

This story is another one of Holmes almost being outwitted by the culprits at hand. The story starts with a young woman coming to Holmes and Watson for advice, however Holmes is already busy with another and places hers on the back burner for the most part. Instead, he sends Watson once again to do some investigating for him but is a little miffed when he comes back with what he considers worthless information. After the woman’s continued following on a certain section of her daily route, Holmes and Watson decide to go together to see what is going on. However, the day they do so, everything comes to a vicious and dark climax. The case is resolved, but not without Holmes encountering some faults of his own such as overlooking information from Watson and neglecting a certain attention to the case.

The Adventure of the Priory School

In this story, a young boy and one of his teachers go missing from his private school. Holmes and Watson are brought on the case by the school’s principal, much to the discord of the boys father, a Duke. The Duke’s family had been plauged by recent family troubles, resulting in a quite curious case. Holmes and Watson must perform a lot of leg work to get to the bottom of the boy’s disappearance and the ill-fated teacher. The results are quite surprising, even to Holmes himself, with the guilty parties being brought to justice and a little bit of joy returning to the Duke’s family.

The Adventure of Black Peter

This tale covers a strange murder of a vile man, Peter Carney, through the use of a whaling harpoon. The past demeanor and actions of the victim make no one sad for his loss in the least, yet Holmes and Watson still need to catch the culprit. A new, young investigator, Inspector Hopkins is welcoming of Holmes but pushes aside most of Holmes doubts once a potential suspect is nabbed. Holmes has other ideas and through the use of a clever trap, is able to grab the true murderer and clear the innocent man’s name.

The Office (UK): Episode Two (S2)

the office Episode Two (S2) spoilers within. Episodes are approximately 30 minutes in length.

Today is staff “appraisals” day (or employee review day) at the Slough branch office. The Slough employees reveal they aren’t necessarily in love with their jobs but it beats being homeless (Dawn also would prefer to be a children’s illustrator someday). The Swindon employees haven’t known David long so they can’t get proper reviews, but they still let him know they preferred their office. David invites the new employees to lunch to get to know them and it goes as good as you’d expect. Upon returning, David discovers Neil being funny (and more importantly, the others thinking he’s funny) and calls him out on it, in not the best of terms. David has gotten in a little bit of trouble once again it seems. Meanwhile, Lee has apologized to Tim but it seems Tim might be drifting away from his feelings towards Dawn. One of the Swindon employees, Rachel, hits it off with Tim and the two decide to go on a date, making Dawn less than thrilled.


Perhaps Dawn is finally starting to show he own desires for Tim just as he’s given up on his chance with her? Only time will tell with those two. The employee reviews are a highlight of the episode (especially Keith) as is seeing the struggles David continues to have with the new employees. Maybe someday he’ll figure it out but I wouldn’t count on it.

My Episode Winner: Keith

8/10 Employee Appraisals

Gif/Pic of the Week #41CAH (November 19, 2014)

This week’s theme is a play on the hilariously inappropriate card game “Cards Against Humanity.” Enjoy.

Lestrade series 3 > Lestrade series 1 for sure.

One for the johnlockers out there.

Sherlock wins this round.

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